Tagum City, Philippines
02 - 06 Oct 2006

30,000 Saved - Revival In the Philippines

Well what an amazing time in the Philippines. This was our third visit into the Philippines for 2006. We held 4 days of Pastor/Leaders Conferences, with 500 Pastors attending each day. To these meetings Pastors from various Churches came together which in itself is quite a feat. Some did not even believe in the Holy Spirit, let alone be filled with the Holy Spirit. However as they gathered together unto HIM, with an open heart, the Lord was able to place very many seeds of His word in their hearts. The anointing also refreshed the Pastors. Praise the Lord. The Pastors were very thrilled, challenged and refreshed with the Word and the Spirit.

Every night an outdoor Crusade meeting was held in the stadium and Jim would preach the Word of the Lord. Then I would lead the Prayer of Salvation. The soldiers estimate 5,000 people on the first night and increasing up to 10,000 on the last night. Over the 4 nights, it was estimated that 30,000 people were reached with the gospel and thousands and thousands were saved and healed. In the Philippines, the people rush to the Altar - it is harvest time in the Philippines. Amen.




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