Busega, Uganda
24 - 30 Jul 2006

Pastors & Leaders Conference

The Ugandan people are very warm and loving, and very hungry and thirsty for the things of the Lord. This was our second visit to this city. The people received us very well. We held a 6 day Pastors/Leaders Conference and also took the service on the following Sunday.

Many seeds and teachings of the Word came out. Some of the topics were:

The Four Living Creatures
The Perfection of the Church
The Twelves & Twenty-Four
The River of God
Tithes and Offerings

Overall the Pastors were so encouraged and refreshed by the Word and by the Spirit. After a couple of days we gave opportunity to move in The River, where the Lord moved mightily and lives were healed and changed. During one of the Church meetings, there was such a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, people came forwarded and ASKED if they could get saved! We had not even extended a salvation call. They saw the demonstration of the Lord and He was bringing conviction of sin to their hearts. Many people came forward and we had the privilege of leading them in a prayer of salvation. They were very thrilled to be forgiven by the Lord. Amen

James Testimony
One such young man (who at the time did not have name) was wonderfully saved. At the next meeting, Jim approached him to bless him with some money. However the young man (or rather the demons within him) saw Jim coming and the young man had such fear showing in his face, (Jim had never seen such a fearful look). The young man could not get away quick enough and started flinging his arms doing back-stroke over the chairs, heading to the back wall. People scattered, chairs were knocked over and the demons made the man thrash around on the ground until Jim took authority over the demons and the young man was wonderfully set free.

At one of the subsequent meetings, he shared his testimony. He was 24 years old. He had suffered a long time serving the devil. He had no parents and he had never met them. He had no name. He had grown up on the streets of Kampala. At a very young age he had been recruited by a witchdoctor (including demons) and was enlisted him to be a pick pocketer. The witchdoctor checked his fingers and hands and he was told that he had beautiful hands, even prosperous hands. He was told he would be given herbs in exchange for the money he stole.

The witchdoctor was his boss. He was never to keep any of the money for himself, but rather give it to the witchdoctor. The witchdoctor became very rich and he had large houses and expensive goods. The young man had nothing! The witchdoctor in exchange for the money gave him some herbs which were actually marijuana/opium. The witchdoctor gave him a handkerchief which had an emblem of marijuana on it. Whenever he placed the handkerchief of his head, the demons told him which person to approach to steal from. Later instead of the young man coming back for more marijuana, the witchdoctor cut open his chest and placed the marijuana/opium inside him.

Immediately after getting saved, he suffered excruciating pains in his chest, the severity he had never experienced anything like this before. We prayed for him and the pains left. However that very night he had so many terrible dreams. He dreamt about snakes, very big snakes with other adders biting him. In the dream, the demons told him that if you want to separate from them, we will kill you. The demons told him, if he keeps smoking the opium, he will get better. (What a lie!)

The next day in Church Jim and the eldership prayed for James and broke off any powers over his life. We also requested he hand in the handkerchief, and Ps Benjamin burned it immediately and anything else that connected him with the witchdoctor.

The young man went on to say that since receiving prayer (deliverance), he now has peace and the pains have left his chest. Since then we have named him James Blessing. He is no longer under a curse! People blessed him with new clothes, money, we gave him a Bible and money and we requested Ps Benjamin to find a place for him to rent and we will pay for it from Australia. We will also support him to be educated to speak English. A rescued life!!! We would have gone to Uganda just for the one - James! Amen and praise the Lord!

By the way witchcraft and demons are very obvious in Uganda but we have the authority given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, over them – they tremble when we are around because we come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Later in the week we asked if anyone would like to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and about 30 people came forward and were filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues, including a Muslim lady. She was so thrilled!

Another lady (Christine) testified of the Lord healing her whilst in The River of pains in head, shoulder, chest, hip and legs. She also testified that she found a small child (about 3 years old) who was living on the streets with dogs! This lady found out there was no mother, and the father did not want the child. So she has taken the child in and she and the church are loving, feeding and supporting the child. This is the love of God in action. Amen.




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