South Kampala, Uganda
03 - 04 Aug 2006

In the River - Pastors Conference

We held a Pastors/Leaders' Conference in the South Kampala, Uganda. Much in the word came out (including Obedience and Tithes and Offerings which link you to the Kingdom of God). One session was on healing, and one of the Elders for the conference, heard the word on healing and went home that night and laid hands on his children and the Lord healed them. Amen. On the final morning, having explained The River, the people (including children) were so responsive, they came forward for impartation and lives were changed. People were shaking, crying, healed, stuck to the floor etc. It is all about change on the inside!!!

Various seeds of the word were preached and included:

Church History
Hebrews 6 and the Doctrines of Christ
In the Image of God
Sower and the Seed
John 15 Bring Forth Fruit
Attributes of God
Holy Ghost Power




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