Kilgali, Rwanda
01 - 02 Aug 2006

Pastors & Leaders Conference

In August we held a Pastors & Leaders Conference. Approximately 150 Pastors & Leaders from Rwanda, as well as some from Burindi and the Congo attended. There were no instruments for worship, just absolutely fantastic harmonising in the worship - it was tremendous. The group were so hungry for the Word. It was amazing what seeds on the following topics came out:

In the Image of God
Gospel is Righteousness
First the Natural, Then the Spiritual
The Bible is Gods word to you
Gods way not your way
Tithes & Offerings
Healing Scriptures
Faith grows by hearing
Do you know Who is on the inside of you?
Abrahamic Covenant
Royal Priesthood
Spiritual House and Lively Stones
Judgement in the House of God
The Name of the Godhead
Doctrines of Men
5 Wise and 5 Foolish Virgins
Matthew 7 I Never Knew You
Bring Forth Fruit
Judgement of Goats / Sheep

They were so thrilled with the Word they heard. They were so desperate for the Truth, so Jim left His large preaching folder with about 100 topics in it for them to copy and translate it into Kinyarwanda, Swahili and French which is spoken in the Congo.

What the Lord did was however wonderful. We look forward to another visit. They have requested we visit them at least twice a year and would like to hold a very large outreach crusade. The Lord knows.




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