Srikakulam, India
22 - 24 Aug 2006

800 Pastors

India, August - September 2006

Early in 2006 we received invitations from various Pastors to visit India. We replied that together let us seek the Lord for his will, timing and provision. Needless to say, the Indian people stormed heaven, fasted and prayed and the Lord made a way whereby some dear friends in obedience to the Lords direction, forwarded monies to us, so a financial way was made. Praise the Lord.

The Indian people are very warm and loving, and extremely hungry and thirsty for the things of the Lord. The people received us very well. As this was our first time to visit India, we felt before the Lord it should be used as an opportunity to commence a relational foundation with the Pastors in India.

During the 3 weeks, we held 7 Pastors/Leaders Conferences, reaching about 3,000 Pastors and Leaders. For three of the host Pastors, this was their first time for holding conferences in their district and this was an excellent learning experience for them. The Pastors were so thankful that the Lord had sent someone into their district to encourage the Pastors. The Pastors are so accustomed to giving out all the time, that they were so grateful to receive refreshing from the Lord. These Pastors are faithfully serving the Lord in His field doing one on one evangelism, starting house churches and village churches, supporting widows and orphans and even building orphanages where funds are available. The amazing thing is that all of these Pastors did not know the other city Pastors, and by us going to India they are now connected with each other and can encourage and support each other. Praise the Lord.

In addition to the 7 Conferences, we also held various outreach Crusades, where people were saved, healed and delivered. We also dedicated a number of village Churches and visited 3 orphanages. There are some amazing things being achieved by these very faithful Pastors and the Lord sees everything! Amen.

The Pastors were very thrilled and refreshed with the Word they heard. One Pastor had been seeking the Lord for 16 years, viewing different books etc, searching for the Truth, particularly regarding Gods time chart and end times, but had not found anything that sat right in his spirit. When we explained the scriptures, he was so delighted, because finally he found someone with the correct understanding of the scriptures and it sat right in his spirit. He was so very thankful to the Lord for bringing us to India.

Jim often preached we need to receive the doctrines of Christ, rather than the doctrines of man. Jim also preached that ALL scripture is profitable. 2 Timothy 3:16, meaning that all the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation are the inspired Word of God and the Lord desires us to understand the whole Bible and not just the New Testament! Amen.

Three of the Pastors even requested we commence Bible Schools in India. The Lord knows as it is both His to will and to do. Amen.

Healing Testimony:

Regarding healings, many people testified that immediately following prayer, all the pain left their body, some had suffered pain in various parts of their bodies for up to 10-18 years! Praise the Lord.

One wonderful healing was when we visited an Orphanage and came across a 13 year old boy names Channibabu. He had never spoken. He could hear and understand, but because he could not speak, he was not even allowed to attend School. So we prayed for him, cast out the dumb spirit and immediately. The look on his face said it all. I said to him say: Amen and he said Amen. I then said say hallelujah¯, and he said hallelujah¯. I then said say Jim and he said Jim. I then said say Debra and he said Debra¯. He can now speak! That is wonderful. The other 24 children at the orphanage will I am sure help him with catching up on conversations and he will be able to go to school. His life will never be the same! What a privilege to be able to pray for this young boy. If it were just for one, we would go! Amen.

Others during the visit to India were miraculously healed of various diseases, tuberculosis, epilepsy, asthma, heart conditions, all sorts of pains, suffering migraines for 2 years, back pains, leg pains, all over pains etc.

The Pastors are eagerly awaiting our return in 2007, to receive more of the Truth of the Word and we will believe the Lord to make a way, to go again. Amen.

The first meeting was an outdoor crusade in Ranasthalam, near Rajam. People were saved and healed. We also held a Pastors Conference for about 800 Pastors. Many seeds and teachings of the Word came out. Some of the topics were:

Tithes & Offerings
Judgement in the House of God
Words are Powerful, So Speak Words of Life
Signs of the End Times
The Second Coming of Jesus

Ps Kumar mentioned that this is the first time that any such conference or gathering of Pastors had ever happened in his district. The Pastors were so grateful to the Lord.

All these Pastors are faithfully working in the Lords field, and the Lord sees everything done in His name. There are some amazing things being achieved by them and the Lord sees everything! Amen.

One very special moment of the conference was honouring Senior Pastors who have stood for the Lord.

We also visited a local village Church in Sankili. There was such unity in the midst that it was very easy to flow in the anointing and the River of God. The people (and children) were so responsive, they came forward for impartation and lives were changed. People were shaking, crying, healed, stuck to the floor etc. It is all about change on the inside!!!

The following email was received from the host Pastor.

The Lord has led us greatly into the night meetings and conferences. He did many wonders in the night meetings, and also in the conferences. Many sick were healed, and evil spirits were released, also the servants got revival, and many came to know the truth in the Scriptures.

Really we thank God for sending His humble servants Pastor Jim, and his wife Debra unto us, and He used them mightily here in India. We too blessed with all the people, servants through their teachings and preachings. We thank brother Jim and sister Debra for willing to minister God with us in this great nation. We will continue our prayers for them as how we are doing the same for you. We request you humbly to continue your interceding for us and ask God to visit us to minister Him in any event.

These are the pictures of our first pastors' conferences and night meetings which were held in the month of August 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of 2006. In these meetings many were saved, and many sick were healed.

And Pastor Jim, and his wife sister Debra were ministered God with us in these meetings and conferences. Many hundred pastors attended for these conferences. We will continue to conduct the crusades, conferences, and outreaches in the future ministry of our Jesus For All Generations Ministries in India.





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