Jonnada, India
28 - 29 Aug 2006

700 Pastors

We held a Pastors Conference for about 700 Pastors in Jonnada. We also visited a local Village Church where just at the beginning of the meeting during the singing/worship time, demons manifested in two ladies. Jim took authority over the demons, cast them out and the ladies were immediately set free and healed. Following the preaching of the Word, at the end of meeting, people were saved and healed. Amen.

All these Pastors are faithfully working in the Lord’s field, and the Lord sees everything done in His name. There are some amazing things being achieved by them and the Lord sees everything! Amen.

At the Pastors Conference, many seeds and teachings of the Word came out. Some of the topics were:

The History of the Church
Doctrines of Christ vs Doctrines of Man
Hebrews 6:1-3
The Name of God - Water Baptism
Tithes & Offerings

We also visited a local village Church of about 80 people. There was such unity in the midst that it was very easy to flow in anointing River of God. Lives were touched, healed and refreshed!




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