Jangareddigudem, India
30 - 31 Aug 2006

140 Pastors

Approximately 140 Pastors attended the Conference. We also visited 2 Orphanages (20 children and 25 children) and dedicated a local village Church. Even Joshua's Mother-In-Law was healed of severe chest pains that she had for over 2 years.

All these Pastors are faithfully working in the Lord's field, and the Lord sees everything done in His name. There are some amazing things being achieved by them and the Lord sees everything! Amen.

At the Pastors Conference, many seeds and teachings of the Word came out during the various sessions. Some of the topics were:

God's Plan for His Church - Christ in You
Sower and the Seed
Unity in the Body
Types & Shadows
Prophetic Measurements of the Tabernacle of Moses
The Tabernacle of Moses
The Twelves and Twenty-Fours
Revelation 12
The Antichrist - The Son of Perdition
Hear and Obey
Daniel's Beasts
The False Church
Seven Heads & Ten Horns - (Revelation)
The Two Witnesses
Tithes & Offerings & Communion
The Brazen Laver
12 Oxen




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