Bhimavaram, India
01 - 03 Sep 2006

250 Pastors

We held a Conference for about 250 Pastors in a large tent, spoke in two village Churches, and held two night outreach crusade/healing meetings.

We also visited a local Orphanage (45 children), where one little boy came forward for prayer. Channibabu was thirteen years old and had never spoken, and consequently the local school would not allow him to attend. He could hear and he could understand. We said we would pray. We did, and cast out the dumb spirit and immediately he could speak. Amen. His life is now changed forever! Praise the Lord.

Another young girl came forward to make a request for a ceiling fan for the childrens bedroom. Our Church blessed the Orphange with 4 fans, a water pump (so the children did not have to travel 3 kms each day to collect water) and also a water filter. For us to pay for these items is not a lot of money, however it makes a very big difference in the lives of those at the Orphanage. Our little goes a long way when placed in His hands! Amen.

All these Pastors are faithfully working in the Lords field, and the Lord sees everything done in His name. There are some amazing things being achieved by them and the Lord sees everything! Amen.

At the Pastors Conference, many seeds and teachings of the Word came out during the various sessions. Some of the topics were:

All scripture is profitable from Genesis to Revelation
Tithes & Offerings
Sin Separates - The Soul that Sins Shall Die
Obedience to Gods Word
Attributes of God - God Cannot Lie
Gods Word is His Will
History of the Church
The Restoration of the Church
The Church of Revelation 2 & 3
Traditions of Men and Easter
The Feasts - An Overview
The Trumpet of God
Daniel 70 Weeks - An Overview
The Two Witnesses + Two Olive Trees
Revelation comes by Apostles & Prophets
The Feast of Tabernacles
The River of God - Ezekiel 47
The Name of God

At the Village Churches, the preaching topics included:

Believe the Word
Lay Hands on the Sick
Gods Plan
In the Image of God




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