26 Mar - 02 Apr 2005

5,000 attend 5 Day Salvation, Healing & Miracle Crusade and 300 attend Pastors & Leaders Conference

Up to 5,000 people gathered in a park each night for this 3 day crusade event. This was the largest crusade ever held in this city. People were also bussed in from the villages. Following the preaching of the word, people gave their lives to the Lord. Between 600-1000 people were saved each night and many were healed.

The Lord confirmed His word with healings and miracles. There were also many delivered from evil spirits. Deaf people received their hearing, blind people received their sight, lame people could walk, goitres left immediately while others reduced in size during the course of the week. Asthma, head pains, chest pains, knees, frozen shoulders, leg problems, severe back and neck pains were healed instantly. The Lord was truly amazing! Lives will never be the same. There was great rejoicing! The Philippine people who are a very loving and humble people are very hungry for the Word, Spirit and touch of God.

Jim & Debra have been invited to return to do an even larger crusade event, the dates of which are still to be confirmed




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