Kigali, Rwanda
26 - 31 Mar 2007

Conference & Revival in Prison +Salvation & Healing Crusade

Between 250-300 Pastors from Rwanda, Burindi and the Congo attended this four day conference. There were no instruments for worship, just absolutely fantastic harmonising. The Pastors were so hungry for the Word. Some of the topics that came out were: Judgement in the House of God, End Times, The Antichrist, Tithing & Communion, Vision, In the Image of God, The Tabernacle of Moses and The Resurrections and The Holy Spirit.

At one meeting four people were saved, which is amazing as this was at a Pastors conference by invitation only, to Pastors! Hallelujah! At another meeting we prayed for about 50 Pastors to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then at another meeting we spoke on healing and about 140 people were healed of back pains, asthma, ankle problems, heart problems, neck problems, breathing problems and so on.

One of the Pastors from Burindi is also a Pastor to the leaders of the Burindi Government and told Jim, that Burindi needs what we carry, and endeavoured to make an appointment with us to meet the President of Burindi who was visiting Rwanda the same week we were. The President is a born-again Christian, however his schedule was so tight it was not possible to meet with him. However the President has asked to meet us when we go to Burindi – what an open door! The Lord has done this and it is marvellous in our eyes.

Prison Outreach
We had been asked by our host to visit the Prison. Normally it takes 3 months to obtain permission from the government officials, but we received permission within one week. Amazing, simply the Lord! We were not allowed to take photos once inside the Prison compound. We met the Prison Director, who explained the Prison situation. In 1993-94 a genocide took place in Rwanda, where two tribes fought against each other. Over one million people were slaughtered. Those responsible were rounded up and placed in 16 prisons. The prisoners are mass murderers and many have chronic diseases. The prison we went to was a mixed prison with about 20% of the prisoners being women.

When we went into the compound, I felt like Daniel going into the lion’s den. There were about 5,000 prisoners gathered (males and females). We made our way through the crowd, to the platform. Our prison host, Ps Deo has a ministry team, endeavouring to reach the prisoners. They sang a few songs. Then Ps Deo felt in the Lord to introduce me, whereas Jim usually does all the speaking. What Ps Deo did not know was that while I was on the platform, such a compassion came within me. As I rose to speak, I was filled with compassion. Tears flowed as the love and compassion of the Lord reached out to these people. I had never experienced anything like it, nor seen anyone minister in this way. I was preaching with tears flowing. Everyone was wiping their eyes – the prisoners, the guards, Ps Deo, Ps Benjamin, Ps Jim, Ps Joseph and the ministry team - everyone.

There was such an overwhelming presence of the Lord with His compassion and love flowing towards these people. This went on for about 20 minutes as I declared how much God loved them, and that was why He sent Jesus Christ to take the punishment of their sins while He took every sickness. God was able to forgive all they had done, heal their broken hearts and He desired to give them a future, if they would believe and receive Him. Then I handed the meeting over to Jim, who was then able to preach the word, and with the prisoners hearts (and the guards hearts) now softened, the word could take root in their hearts. They believed. Jim asked for a response to the Lord, and hands were raised everywhere, including the guards. Then I led them in a prayer of salvation! It was such a wonderful privilege.

Then I announced that God wanted to heal them. So Jim came forward and preached on healing. Then I led them in a prayer to receive healing. Then Jim asked them to come forward and testify. Nothing happened for about 10 seconds. Then, from everywhere, people rose up and came forward to testify. Hundreds, they kept coming. We only listened to some of the testimonies, as time was restricted. Then Jim felt prompted by the Lord to do another alter call. He has never done this before! Again heads bowed and eyes closed. Again more hands. Some people have to see, to believe, but the Lord desires no-one to miss out on salvation. Simply amazing.

We had Church happening in the prison! Revival came to Rwanda on Monday 26 March 2007. This is possibly the biggest Church in Rwanda and it is behind closed walls! But this is how the Lord is going to heal Rwanda by healing and changing the hearts of the people. The wonderful thing is as the Lord has pardoned their every sin, if the prisoners show fruit of their reform which only the Lord can do in them, then the government will set them free. Amen. So they can be set free naturally and spiritually! Amen.

These are now our brothers and sisters in the Lord! Amen. While at the prison, Jim announced that he was giving to Ps Deo USD$1,000 to buy Bibles. Ps Deo bought 200 Bibles the next day and they have now been distributed to the Prisoners. 200 Bibles is not much in such a large crowd, but it is something, and it is a start.

In summary, this visit to Rwanda was very powerful. What the Lord did in the Prison and at the Conference was fantastic, especially with so many other Pastors coming in from Burindi and Congo. We so look forward to our next visit. Amen.




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