Valencia City, Philippines
24 - 29 Jun 2007

Pastors Conference and Salvation & Healing Crusade

The visit to Valencia City, Philippines was very wonderful. We held a Pastors and Leaders Conference by day. The Pastors came hungry for the Word of Truth. Every night we also held a Salvation and Healing Crusade. Every night large trucks went out into the dark to bring the village people in. Every night new people came to the meeting, new souls to be saved and healed. During the week, thousands were saved and healed - hallelujah!

Some of the recorded testimonies were: One 10 year old young girl was born deaf and dumb. Jesus healed her, and she can now hear and speak. One old lady had no hearing, but Jesus healed her! She can now hear perfectly well. One man testified that the Lord had healed his diabetes. One lady's kidney problem was healed after suffering for 3 years. Another old lady had a cyst on her head for 16 years - healed! One lady's watery eyes for 5 years, healed. One young lady (about 19 years old), suffered a migraine from birth - healed. One lady's goitre of 10 years vanished! One man suffered for asthmatic for 7 years, can now breathe perfectly well. One man's two legs were numb for 1 year, so that he could not even bend them, now he can run!! One man's painful ear drum is now healed. One lady's eyes and headache for 4 years are healed. One lady's wrist pain for 5 years is now healed. One man suffered for 10 years with back, waist and pain in both legs, so that he could hardly move. Now he can run! One 20 year old man suffered from birth with asthmatic. He can now breathe and run and run. One lady's paralysed left arm of 3 years, can now move her arm with ease. One man had both arms paralyzed since 1973 (34 years). He now can move both arms - praise the Lord! One lady suffered numbness for 5 years in her stomach area. She testified she felt something left her body and now has freedom of movement. One man had very painful arthritis on both knees for 10 years. Jesus healed him, no more pain! All glory to God!




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