Kigali, Rwanda
13 - 14 Aug 2007

200 Pastors came from far away provinces

200 Pastors attended this Pastors & Leaders Conference. What was so exciting about this conference was that many of the Pastors who came were from far away provinces. They had never been included in something like this before. The Pastors came hungry for the Word. Some of the topics that came out were:

Foundation of the Church, The Abrahamic Covenant, The Power of God, The True Church, Spiritual Maturity, The Bride of Christ, The Tabernacle of Moses, Restoration, The Structure of the Church and Tithes and Offerings.

At one meeting we prayed for about 80 Pastors & Leaders to be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. They were so delighted and worshipped the Lord. They received the Word, the Spirit and us very well.




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