16 - 18 Aug 2007

Pastors & Leaders Conference

Our host for this conference was a lady! Hallelujah. Ps Brigitte, whom we had met earlier in the year at the March conference held in Rwanda. On our arrival was a surprising and Rwandan traditional welcome, by the "DRUMS". This was truly fabulous. These Christian drummers, each pounding their own drum. The noise was so loud and effective as it cracked the stillness in the outdoor conference grounds. These drums which are made of hollowed out timber trunks, are so very heavy, and then to see these young men lift them up onto their heads and to continue pounding them was outstanding! They then led us into the conference building and continued pounding the drums. Please see the photos below. In the natural, it was very special.

Then we got down to the important business. Pastors & Leaders came together for this conference, from all kinds of Churches. Jim sowed many seeds of the Word with the following topics being touched on: Church History, God's Language of the Symbol, The Sower and the Seed, Not Once Saved Always Saved, Bringing Forth Fruit, The Bride and 5 Wise and 5 Foolish Virgins, Tithes and Offerings, Foundation Ministries of the Apostles and Prophets, Healing, Faith, Spots and Blemishes, The Passover Lamb, The Death and esurrection of Jesus Christ, and Spiritual Growth - Children, Young Men, Fathers.

At one session about 60 Pastors & Leaders were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. One Burindi man was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesised in English (which he does not know, but Jim and I heard the prophecy as well as others who spoke English). This was just like in the book of Acts. The prophecy was that "the Lord had sent these servants with His Truth".

Later an opportunity was given for those needing healing. We prayed, believing and they were ALL healed. Jesus truly is the same yesterday, today and forever, and even Jesus went about healing ALL and desires to still do the same.

On Sunday 19 August we visited Ps Brigette's Church (20 adults, 16 children) which meets in a school. Jim spoke on God's Attributes and Blessings, Healing and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Then we prayed for everyone and saw the Lord fill His people, including children, with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Amen. There was great rejoicing by all.




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