Goma, DR Congo
21 - 23 Aug 2007

Pastors & Leaders Conference

On our travel to the conference building, there was grey ash everywhere. Apparently 3 years earlier a volcano had erupted and devastated the city of Goma. Amazingly no lives were lost. But everywhere was grey ash and volcanic rock, and the people have commenced rebuilding their city.

Our host for this conference was Ps Israel. Over 300 Pastors & Leaders came together for this conference from all over Congo. Many Pastors testified they had never been invited to such a gathering before. Jim sowed many seeds of the Word with the following topics being touched on: All Scripture is Profitable, A Nation of Priests, The Everlasting Covenant, Our Inheritance, The Tabernacle of Moses, Mechisedec – Our High Priest, God’s Judgment, Five Fold Ministry, The Midnight Hour, Tithes & Offerings and Communion.

In one session Jim was speaking on the Holy Spirit and we then saw a number of Pastors being filled with the holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
So what the Lord did in Goma was wonderful, and a foundation of repentance and the Word has gone into the hearts of the people for the Lord to build upon. We look forward to our next visit.




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