24 Aug 2007

Revival in the Prison - Salvation & Healing Crusade

This prison is for those who were part of the genocide in the early 1990s. Apparently on Fridays, it is family visiting day, and that is the priority, however the Prison Director did allow us to speak, even with the families present!

We were then led to the outdoor compound area, and ushered through the actual prisoners, with Guards round about. All 3,000 prisoners (males and females) were dressed in their pink prison uniform and were located to the right and the 600 family members who were separated by a thin rope, were to the left. They was no singing. No atmosphere. Just curiosity, anticipation and expectation by everyone, about these visitors from abroad.

Jim was invited to speak and the Lord filled his mouth as he preached the salvation message of Jesus Christ with Ps Emmanuel interpreting. Jim brought out that before God, any sin separates us, whether it be murder, which applied to most of the prisoners, or even stealing a pencil. Sin is sin and sin separates us from God. Jim then asked for a show of hands those who would like to receive God's forgiveness and eternal life. They believed! To me it looked like 98% of everyone there, hands went up, even amongst the family members. Then Jim asked for those who were going to say the prayer to stand up. Everyone seemed to stand up, including the Prison Director and the Guards. Then I led them in a prayer of salvation, emphasising if they say the prayer sincerely from their heart, God will hear them and will forgive them. Then I announced their sins were forgiven. There was much clapping and rejoicing. 3,000+ saved, just like in the Book of Acts, were added to His Church. Amen.

Following the salvation prayer, I then announced that God wanted to heal them and those needing healing now was the time, and said for them to believe. It was such a privilege! I then took authority over every spirit of infirmity and healing started flowing into people everywhere. They were then asked to come forward to testify. Below are some of the recorded testimonies and photos.

What the Lord did that day is recorded in heaven. All these people were not only reconciled to God, but families were reconciled to God, together. Amazing! Also on behalf of our faithful sponsors Narelle and Mark, Bibles have been purchased and now distributed into two prisons. Hallelujah!

Another thing, when the prisoners show forth remorse and as we would say it, fruit of repentance, that is, an evident change in their heart and life, then they are also eligible for an early pardon and the government has set up housing for their new life. So by visiting these prisoners, a way is made for a new life for them, naturally and spiritually. Amen!

This is now another very large Church in Rwanda and it is behind closed walls! But this is how the Lord is going to heal Rwanda by healing and changing the hearts of the people. These are now our brothers and sisters in the Lord! Amen.




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