Knoxfield, Melbourne
28 Feb 2010

Healing & Revival meeting held in Knoxfield, Melbourne

Revival is being experienced in Knoxfield, hallelujah! This particular meeting commenced with singing, praise and worship, during which time the presence of the Lord was evident to all. His presence was so very real. A prophetic word then came, declaring that the Lord was healing the people, and for the people to reach out and receive healing. As the strong worship continued, people were touched and healed by the Lord. Lives will never be the same! Amen!

If you need healing in any area: body, soul, spirit, family, job, finances or even if you need peace in your heart, then come as you are, and expect the Lord to do the impossible. If you need setting free from habits that are holding you back, again come and allow the Lord to set you free. If you are hungry and thirsty for the Lord, or need refreshing, then come as you are and expect the Lord to 'fill' you with more of Himself so you can be equipped and fulfil His plan for your life. Wherever you are, just come with an expectation in your heart and the Lord will do the rest. Amen.




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