24 Oct - 01 Nov 2005

Outreach Salvation & Healing Crusade at local park

Uganda will never be the same and lives were changed forever. Many gathered in the local park in the evenings for the crusade and each day a conference was held at the church. Following the preaching, the Lord confirmed His word with signs and wonders and people witnessed the saving and miraculous healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

During the week a Church Conference was held for Pastors and Leaders and the local Church people, where encouragement, faith and spiritual growth was imparted through the word of God. Many Pastors testified of being blessed and challenged with the Word of God, and that their ministry will never be the same.


Saved Just In Time
On Monday during the day I bought some poison so I could end my life that day. I found out about the crusade and came that night and gave my life to Jesus Christ.
Fortune, Uganda
My father had a short attack of madness some time back, but when he was prayed for on Wednesday 26 October 2005 in the conference, he is now okay.
Rebecca, Uganda
Deafness & Dumbness Healed
This girl (Sylvia) was brought by her friend to the platform for prayer. She was deaf and dumb from birth. According to the relatives of this girl and the neighbours, this girl was 14 years old. But she had never made any slightest attempt to speak even a monosyllabic word, to do anything which shows that she can hear any sound. After being prayed for by Pastor Debra, the girl started to lisp out some words. Her ears were also opened and she could hear the clapping, and repeating the clap after Pastor Debra, who was at her back. This miracle took place on Saturday 29 October 2005.
Sylvia, Uganda
Chest Pains Healed & Lady Delivered
I had a chest pain for about 20 years, but after being prayed for, I felt things running out of me and I was instantly healed.
Joyce, Uganda
Serious Heart Condition
For the last six months, I have suffered with a serious heart condition and could not do any work or anything. I heard about the conference meetings on the radio, so I came along to the Tuesday morning meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Sister Debra pointed me out and said that God wanted to set me free. At the end of the meeting I came forward for prayer. I fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit, and when I got up, I was set free and healed. No more pain.
Christine, Uganda
Demon leaves
I have been praying for long, but I felt as if my prayers were knocking against a certain wall. On Friday 28 October 2005 I was on my way to Kampala and I heard the praising songs. Then the Holy Spirit convicted me to branch off to the crusade, and I did so. Very soon after the praising I saw something like a shadow running out of me and from then I feel free and I can pray very well and get the breakthrough.
Ruth, Uganda
Painful Internal Condition with External Scarring
For 20 years I have suffered with a painful internal condition which also showed externally on my body in the form of scarring. Following prayer all the pain left and so did the scars.
S, Uganda
Eyesight Healed
Following prayer, the mist on my eyes has all gone.
E, Uganda
Delivered from Witchcraft
For many years I have been bound by spirits of witchcraft. When I came on the crusade ground, a shadow came out of me even without anybody praying for me. I now feel freed.
W, Uganda
Following prayer I have been delivered from bad dreams.
D, Uganda
Heart Condition
Following prayer, the heart pain has gone.
H, Uganda
Delivered from Demonic Affliction
Demons have been strangling me during the night and have a headache. I was prayed for in Pastor's office by Pastor Debra. In seconds I was healed and also have peace during sleep - no more demonic attacks.
D, Uganda
Eyes Healed
Had been suffering with pain in the eyes, but was healed after prayer.
G, Uganda
Asthma Healed
At the meetings I was prayed from by Pastor Jim, and the asthma has been healed.
B, Uganda
Abdominal Pain Healed
For over 10 years I have suffered with abdominal pains. Following prayer though, all the pain has gone.
B, Uganda
Tumour in the Breast
I came to the meeting on the Wednesday morning. I was suffering with a tumour in my breast. Sister Debra prayed for me and the tumour has gone, and I am totally healed.
B, Uganda
Pains in the Leg
Have been suffering with pains in both legs and had much trouble walking. Following prayer, all the pain is gone.
M, Uganda
Ulcers Healed
Following prayer, all the ulcers have been healed. Amen.
D, Uganda
Set Free
During the Thursday morning meeting, the power of God came on me and my hands started shaking for about 20 minutes. I now feel so very free.
F, Uganda
Pain in Legs Healed
Had continual pain the legs, and have tried many hospitals, but I was healed in the conference.
L, Uganda
Chest Pains Healed & Lady Delivered
I had a chest pain for about 20 years, but after being prayed for, I felt things running out of me and I was instantly healed.
Joyce, Uganda



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