Mpigi, Uganda
15 Nov 2014

This Church is built in the middle of a forrest. It is a beautiful setting!

We held 2 sessions at a 1 day conference with Ps Betty in a place called Mpigi, Uganda.

Pastors and Leaders in the local area attended this conference.

Ps Betty is doing a wonderful and faithful work. Hallelujah!

The hunger for the Word of the Lord was very great and the Lord did not disappoint the listeners.

Jim opened the scriptures and the topics were:

Spiritual Growth
Be Not Defiled

The listeners were clearly challenged by the Word.

Ps Betty is doing a wonderful and faithful work as unto the Lord.

The people said they were so encouraged, blessed and challenged by the Word.

Lives will never be the same. Praise the Lord.

All glory to God for the lives encouraged and strengthened. Amen.




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