Musoma, Tanzania
26 - 28 Nov 2014

This 3 day conference held in Musoma, Tanzania Uganda, brought together approximately 400 Pastors & Leaders from Tanzania and surrounding areas.

Each day consisted of 2 meetings. The hunger for the Word of the Lord was very great and the Lord did not disappoint the listeners. Jim opened the scriptures and the topics were:

Spiritual Growth
Five Fold Ministry
Twelve Apostles
Church Unity
The 3 Feasts: Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles
Revelation Chapter 13
The Covenants
In The Image Of God
The River Of God

There were also opportunities for ministry where the river of God flowed and people were invited to come to the front for prayer and receive from the Lord.

The Holy Spirit knows how best to minister to each person. Many were healed, many were weeping, some were stuck to the floor, some were feeling electricity going through their bodies, some were set free, while with others, there was a physical demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit as a sign and a wonder to all. As the people opened their hearts, the River of the Holy Spirit flowed and yokes were destroyed because of the anointing. The people said they were so encouraged, blessed and challenged by the Word and they were refreshed by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Lives will never be the same. Praise the Lord.

All glory to God for the lives He touched, healed, encouraged and strengthened. Amen.




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