20 - 26 Jan 2006

Thousands at the crusade receive Jesus Christ.

Revival has started in the Philippines and lives were changed forever! Every day a conference was held with many Pastors and Leaders from across southern Philippines where they were refreshed in the presence of the Lord and challenged by the Word. Every evening thousands gathered. Following the preaching, the Lord confirmed His Word with signs and wonders and the people experienced the saving and miraculous healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

During the week a Church Conference was held for Pastors and Leaders and the local Church people, where encouragement, faith and spiritual growth was imparted through the word of God. Many Pastors testified of being blessed and challenged with the Word of God, and that their ministry will never be the same.


Tuberculosis & Head Ache
Following prayer, I was healed of TB (Tuberculosis) and a Head Ache
Renie, Philippines
Stomach Pains for 20 Years
I had suffered stomach pains for 20 years healed. Following prayer, all the pain has gone.
Hertrodes, Philippines
Blind Eyes
Jesus Christ opened my blind eyes. I can now see.
Jingkie, Philippines
Following prayer, I can now speak bbefore I was dumb.
Rico, Philippines
Heart Failure
For many years I had suffered with a heart failure. Jesus Christ has healed my heart.
Juanita, Philippines
Kidney Trouble
Following prayer, my kidney trouble is now healed.
Lydia, Philippines
I could not hear, but following prayer I can now hear.
Leo, Philippines
I had been paralysed for some time, but following prayer, I am now healed.
Petrona, Philippines
High Blood Pressure & Goitre
Following prayer, my high blood pressure and goitre are healed
Fernida, Philippines
Following prayer, I can now see.
Andresa, Philippines
I had suffered with diabetes for a long time. I came to the meeting and Jesus healed me.
Shelldiva, Philippines
Heart Failure healed
I suffered with a heart condition, but now I am healed.
Reneboy, Philippines
Ulcer healed
Following prayer, my ulcer is now healed.
Cisar, Philippines
Muscle Pain healed
All the pain in my muscles has now gone.
Deosa, Philippines
Frozen Back healed
My back was so stiff bI could not move it. Following prayer I can now touch my toes.
Elie, Philippines
Deaf for one year
I had been deaf for one whole year. Following prayer, I can now hear in both ears.
Paterno, Philippines
Frozen Shoulder healed
I suffered for many years with a frozen shoulder. Following prayer, my shoulder now has free movement.
Portoria, Philippines
Arthritis healed
The pain in my body was terrible, but following prayer the arthritis is healed.
Florencio, Philippines
Deaf for 5 years healed
I had been dear for 5 years, but following prayer, I can now hear properly.
Neufimo, Philippines



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