Kampala, Uganda
04 - 08 Jun 2006

Healing Meeting in Uganda

We had received an email from the Church in Uganda advising of much sickness (mostly Malaria) as well as general physical healings being required. Jim offered to telephone Pastor Benjamin on Sunday morning at 11:00am Uganda time, and preach on healing via the mobile phone and Pastor Benjamin would interpret in Ugandan. This was gladly accepted. Jim preached a number of healing scriptures, then prayed a prayer of faith, and the people believed the word of the Lord and received their healing. All praise to the Lord!


Pains in the Legs
I have suffered long time with pains in the legs. Following prayer by Sister Debra, all the pain is gone.
L, Uganda
Crusade testimony from Pastor Benjamin
Blessings and love from Kampala. We love you so very much and appreciate your continual love and support. We thank God you are only an email away and a call away.
Beloved, it was a real wonderful time us getting such an annointed phone call prayer that over turned and over powered the powers of sickness and disease. Wow, it was such a blessing.

Many were healed of malaria, many headaches, pain in the eyes, pain in the neck, pain in the hands and legs, pain in the stomach and swelling in the arm, all healed.

We can't thank you enough. There was shouting and clapping of hands as we celebrated. Hallelujah!!
Pastor Benjamin, Uganda



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